A-to-Z Challenge Day 8 — Home Life


I’ve been writing in various formats for a number of years. In fact, my first blog was something I started shortly after getting my own computer. (This was maybe a year or two after the internet became a popular thing in the mid-90s.) I didn’t know anything about coding or HTML, but the site I went to — Homestead — offered simple templates and a free blogging service provider. Then they started asking for money and I left. After that, I went to LiveJournal, but I don’t talk about that much.

I used that first computer to write out some of my ‘stories just for fun and stuff because I’m bored’. I had visions for a moment of what it might be like to be a full-time author, pounding out pages that would leave readers gripping my novels in white-knuckled anticipation… and then I had to either go to bed or head out to go to work.

Years later, I settled down and determined THIS is what I want to do. I want to write a book. It might not be the greatest book ever. It might not earn a million dollars. It might not get me a movie contract deal and my name known throughout the world… But it will be mine and it will be done and I will have done it and someone, somewhere will love it and think it’s great, even if that’s just me.

Now, I’m much more focused on seeing that goal come to fruition and I spent a lot of time thinking, “If I just had a new laptop, one I could take elsewhere, like a bookstore or indie coffee shop, and really get some work done.

if not for sitsThis is because I live with five other people and times of quiet and privacy are as elusive as getting a cat not to lay on the book you’re reading or the paper you’re writing…

So my wonderful boyfriend bought me a laptop as a showing of his support and faith in me.

Yeah, he’s pretty awesome.



But writing at home is still very difficult. I’m usually an outgoing, extroverted person but since becoming very involved in my work, that’s started to change. I prefer being home and if I miss a day of writing, I get very irritable. I’m either thinking about writing, talking about writing, reading about writing, or… well… WRITING. It makes my home life difficult at times because no one else really seems to get why I’m like this.

Heck, I am still trying to figure out why I’m like this. So it’s been an adjustment for all of us.

I made up a schedule and while it slips occasionally, for the majority of the time, it’s effective. I have sometimes put up notes that say “Writing: Do Not Disturb” and I’ve felt bad once in a while for missing dinner with the family, but this is important.



Yep… She gets it.



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