A-to-Z Challenge Day 11 — Kell


Kell is tall and looks to be in his early to mid-twenties. He’s blond, handsome, with entrancing blue eyes and a disarming smile. He is charming, funny, mischevious, and has a pretty broad arrogant streak as far as his skill in magic goes.



How I picture Kell posing for a family portrait, bored and annoyed.

He is also not my character originally.

Kell was first created by my good friend Patrick who I roleplayed with online for many years. Like most characters, he’s gone through a few cycles and changes. I remember chatting with Kell’s original creator during one of our earlier gaming sessions sometime back around 2004 where he told me that the Kell I was meeting wasn’t the first Kell.

“That’s interesting.” I thought, and I wondered what other incarnations of Kell had been like. Then, years later after my friend and I had been playing various characters and storylines together, I mentioned my idea of taking some of these characters and actually writing a book with them. Maybe I could take on one of Kell’s incarnations, crafting it into a character for my novel. I was very nervous to ask if Kell’s creator would trust me to put him in the book and do him justice and I was very pleased with his enthusiastic response.

Mainly because had it been less than enthusiastic I wouldn’t have attempted this.


It’s hard enough trying to write your own characters into something, but taking on the challenge of adapting someone else’s creation wasn’t something I was sure I could handle.

Sometimes, I still wonder.

I wouldn’t recommend it, but now that I’m doing it I love it, and I’ll do the best job I can. It’s a whole other level of uncertainty when I already doubt some things about myself at times. I’m very lucky that Kell’s creator was a very skilled player and made Kell’s personality and behavior consistent for the six years I played opposite him. If he hadn’t been that creative and consistent, Kell probably wouldn’t exist for me to run through the gauntlet of adventures I’ve outlined for him in my novel.

Kell is featured in my current short story on this site Kasima’s Gift if you’d like to check him out and get a taste of what’s to come in the novel. I really love writing him and enjoy it a lot when I get to one of his Point of View (POV) chapters.


6 thoughts on “A-to-Z Challenge Day 11 — Kell

  1. He sounds like a really interesting character! I can imagine it being difficult to use a character thought up by a friend like that. Do you ever ask your friend, “What would, Kell, do?”


    • I haven’t had to yet, but that doesn’t mean it won’t come up if I ever get really stuck.

      However, I’ve been trying to avoid anything like that because in order to use characters that aren’t my creation, I have to still feel like they’re mine. We both know I’m trying to make him as true to how Patrick created him as possible, and as long as he trusts me, I’ll keep going.

      So far it’s been more like, “I had Kell do this. What do you think?” He really enjoyed Kell in the “Kasima’s Gift” story, so I’m doing alright so far.

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