A-to-Z Challenge Day 17 — Quiet



pink zenI’m not just talking about when there are no loud noises surrounding you.

That’s not really quiet, not to me.

Quiet is when your mind is still and relaxed and focused.

It helps when your surroundings aren’t loud and chaotic, but even if you sit in silence, if your own mind is running a million miles a second, it’s not quiet.

So quiet isn’t about sound, not entirely. It’s about stillness and peace, focus and calm.

When I need quiet, I look at beautiful things. I visit my two favorite internet websites for visual pleasure: National Geographic (specifically the photography section) and Epilogue.

My favorite things from NatGeo to look at are sweeping landscapes, images from space, and things from their nature collections like flowers and mushrooms. Lots of times, I collect these images into different folders on my computer to load them as customized screen savers or shifting desktop backgrounds. If I’m working and feeling like I need a moment to calm and collect myself, I pull up a screen saver folder with these images and just watch them change.

It’s like a mini-meditation session at my desk and after about ten minutes or so, I feel relaxed and recharged and ready to get back to work.

Candles in the Dark

If I’m not working, and just need to experience some offline/away from keyboard quiet then I put on soft music, if I’m in the mood for it, and I burn my favorite sandalwood and vanilla scented candles.

This is my quiet. If you like these ideas, I hope you will try them for yourself.






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