Tracking My Goals and Progress

I. Love. Scrivener.


The best way to start this out is by just getting that out of the way, so that now I can tell you one of the specific reasons why.

It is a big program, and I’m not the most tech-savvy or software-knowledgeable person in the world.

frustrationsI once spent nearly an entire day trying to figure out why my computer wasn’t getting any internet connection.

It turned out that I had pressed a tiny little button that looked like a radio antenna on my keyboard without knowing it.

This shut off my wi-fi reception.



So when I started with Scrivener, I was anxious and excited because of all the excellent things I had heard and the great videos I had watched detailing some of its capabilities.

I’m still learning everything there is to know about it, but from what I have learned and put into use, it has more than earned the $40 price tag for its purchase.

I have recently begun utilizing a feature for word count goals and progress bars.

Scrivener pic 2

I love this feature because writing a novel is a huge endeavor and honestly, sometimes it feels like I’m spending days just pounding away at the keyboard and not really getting anywhere. Being able to say I want a goal of 2,000 words for a particular scene/section/chapter/whatever and then chart that progress on a visible scale has been instrumental in helping to keep me focused and motivated.

The bars start out red when they are very small, and gradually move to dark green as your work continues. You can also change the color scheme to suit your personal tastes, but I like this default for it. Right now, you can see that I’ve met my goals for the first three sections of this part and I’m about halfway through the fourth.

There is also a feature to set session word count goals, but I haven’t started to use that yet.

This is just one small thing that has been a big impact for me with this program. I highly recommend it if you’re a writer.


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