Nanowrimo 2016 – Day 3



I feel like I got a lot accomplished, even though in the overall count of things I’m still lagging a bit behind because of my low word count from 11-2.

I should be at 5,010 words and my actual total is 4,711. So, if I pump out an extra 300 words, then I’ll be all caught up.

Every time I open up Scrivener and read what I’ve written to get back into the flow of things, I have an overwhelming urge to edit.

I haven’t fallen victim to my urges yet, but only because I don’t want my word count to decrease and I know that when I edit and adjust my sentences, that’s what will happen. I’ve caught myself fixing some unintentional run-ons already and I allow myself that small bit, but it’s hard to stop there. I’m actually prouder of myself for resisting the compulsion to edit than I am for the green bars that show I’m meeting my goals.

Baby steps, right?

I *WILL* teach my inner editor to sit down and shut up… I *WILL* teach my inner editor to sit down and shut up…

Nano is becoming good practice for that. I am going to focus on keeping that going, because it’s not just about finishing Nano on time with a full 50K. I do still want to get my manuscript finished in total and do the whole have-a-finished-book-get-published thing.


Today’s target word count bar looks pretty good. 🙂 



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