Nanowrimo 2016 – Day 4


The pattern so far is very encouraging!


Today was filled with ups and downs.

First, the downs:

My doctor’s office called this afternoon to reschedule my appointment. It seems that my physician won’t be in on Tuesday, so I moved my appointment to Wednesday. Health-wise, that’s probably not a huge matter but it means now I’ll have two days next week where I’m burdened with  ̶g̶l̶o̶r̶i̶o̶u̶s̶ ̶p̶u̶r̶p̶o̶s̶e̶  more stuff to mess with writing time.

Also, I got brave and experimented with dinner, combining a can of curry paste with sweetened condensed milk to cook chicken in and serve it over some lovely jasmine white rice. I thought, “Curry paste is yummy, chicken is yummy, sweetened milk is yummy, white rice is yummy, this should be great.” It turned out rather ‘meh’ and my boyfriend didn’t care for it, which makes me feel bad because I like cooking and I want him to enjoy what I make. It wasn’t inedible, but it’s not something I’ll repeat in the future and there are plenty of leftovers to work my way through. I’m pretty sure I’ll use the flavor and food description for something in my stories at some point though.

Now the ups:

Phillip, the wonderful love-of-my-life that he is, decided to separate our computers.


My computer… and now MY desk. No more sharing!

There are two laptops: Mine and Ours.

Both had been taking space on our small desk.

Ours doesn’t have a working monitor, so it uses an external monitor on the computer desk  and an external keyboard. The computer itself sat on a small side table. Mine sat on the desk where I would flip it up and use it in a bit of a cramped space because I’d have to move the big monitor back and find a spot to stick the extra keyboard.

He took Ours and moved it over to the table with our television. He had a separate keyboard over there for use when he types or talks or communicates in whatever way he does when he plays video games. Now Ours is connected to the television via HDMI and he has a 40-inch flatscreen television to play his computer games on.

He did this so that I could have the larger computer monitor and desk to myself and we no longer need to take turns being on a computer.

“This is just temporary while for November for your writing thing,” he says…


He’s enjoying his sweet new game-station


We’ll see though.

Cause this is really nice.

I think Phillip is wonderful and it’s really important to me how much he supports me and my writing goals. Of course, he gets to benefit from this set-up as well, I’m not under any delusions about that, but he thought of it for my benefit and he did it so I could write in comfort without us having to share time at the computer, because even though there were two machines we had to take turns at the desk.


That means a lot to me and it helped a lot with hitting my writing goal for today.



2118/1670 — I’m officially ahead of my total goal thus far!







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