Nanowrimo 2016 – Day 6

wonky-sleep-scheduleDay off!!!

Right in time for Daylight Saving Time to end!

That’s right. I didn’t work on my Nano project on Sunday. I did poke around with my novel  for a bit, tweaking my outline and jotting down some idea sparks. I think I might have even cleaned up a few paragraphs in the text, but for the most part, I got caught up on some of my favorite podcasts and YouTube vloggers.

That’s when I was awake, which wasn’t a lot.

I relaxed and enjoyed the fruits of my labors the last few days that set me ahead of schedule by enough of  a margin that I didn’t have to worry about missing out on a day.

It’s important to not stress yourself and avoid burning out. Yes, the hectic-go-get-’em pace of Nano is exciting, but it’s important to pace yourself and know when you should take a break, either from a long writing session spent in one day, or a series of long days where you need some time to recover.

I didn’t even write this blog until today, the wee hours of November 8th.

Balance is key.

And naps.

I love naps.


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