Nanowrimo 2016 – Day 7


I hate when things don’t match… So, I made them match.

So… I realized the last time I Nanoed that my word count totals were different between Scrivener’s word count for my project and what the official Nano validation word count gave me. Since Nano is going to use Nano’s word count, I’ve decided that I’ll continue tracking my progress through Scrivener as I have been — because I love seeing those colored bars fill up for each day’s page, but for my Daily Goal Calendar, I’ll go ahead and use Nano’s counting.

Because of this, I have erased my first entries and changed the way I’m recording things on the calendar, slightly.

I’m still planning to use the numbers I’ve written on the bottom of each day to track my personal goal for myself of 1670 words-per-day.

Nano’s goal is set at 1667, but I’m an overachiever.

Three extra words a day, right?

BUT — that totals an extra 100 words by the end of the month! And ‘100’ sounds much more impressive than ‘3’, right?

I am now going to rely more on the numbers I wrote at the bottom of each day’s box that track my totals going forward. If I’m over the projected total on my calendar at the end of the day (midnight) then that number goes in green. If I’m lower than my projected count, it’s red.

As of end-of-day writing on the 7th I’m at a word count of 12,403. My personal goal total for 11/7 is 11,690, so I’m still ahead of the game. I expect that the 8th will be slow and the 9th might be almost non-existent, so if I’m in the red, I’ll have to work extra hard to hit my goal by the end of this week.

I think this will make things easier to keep track of, but knowing myself, I might tweak it again before the end of the month if I find another way that I think works better.


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