Nanowrimo 2016 – Week of NOTHING (11/12 – 11/18)


My boyfriend and I shared a week of sickness — It manifested in red-x’s

Ah, stomach flu… How I hate thee…

He got it first and had it hit the hardest. I managed to remain at a functional level for a few days, making tea for both of us and preparing more Ramen noodles than we’ve ever eaten in a row.  This stomach bug affected both of our sleep schedules — mainly because sleep became impossible for the week due to the constant visits to the bathroom.

Writing was impossible. Pain, discomfort, illness, and fatigue kept us both bed-ridden, if not at the same time, then in shifts of stealing all the pillows and blankets.


Saladin was a wonderful cuddler and heat source during this

I would have preferred this to hit over Thanksgiving because at least then, I had already thought of having those days off. Now I have to play a massive round of “catch-up”.


The weekend of 20,000 words

After going back through my most recent efforts for Nano, when I started to become ill and spewed out the 2ooo words I didn’t really like, I copied most of those into a separate file for later mining. I don’t really like to delete anything, but my story had veered way off track and I ran the risk of losing focus on a lot of points along the way.

So, a chunk of about 800 words is gone, out of my Nano project, and I went back to try again, starting where stuff started to float away. It lowered my total word count, and in the calendar above, I changed it.

My previous Day 11 total was 14,738. My adjusted total is 13,141.

That’s where I’m at going forward with Nanowrimo.

I am hoping to stay nailed to my desk this weekend to make up my lost week.

Wish me luck!


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