Nanowrimo 2016 – Conclusion



My final official word count graph from NaNoWriMo


I didn’t stop working in Nano, despite my blog posts falling off.

The internet was spotty for a time in there while we worked out getting a new router and installing it. I also got sick again after Thanksgiving, spending the first week of December in bed trying to breathe and not have my head explode, and as I write this, I feel like I’m finally on the upswing from some really bad bronchitis.

I ended Nano 2016 with a personal best of more than 35K words, but as I didn’t hit the 50K bar, I have to say that I didn’t win Nanowrimo.

I still feel like a winner though because I wrote more in November as a whole than I had been able to complete over the previous six months.

I learned that I can set that time aside and work. I can commit to working without stopping to make edits and corrections and I can get stuff done. I pushed myself harder and farther throughout November than I have in the entire time I’ve been working on this project.

And I really enjoyed it.

I didn’t go out and participate in any of the meet-ups with other local Wrimos. My laptop stayed home with me and I enjoyed the wonderful set-up of having my desk to myself.

I didn’t participate in word sprints. Maybe next year that will be more appealing to me.

I still mostly kept to myself, but I did have a friend to talk to who was Nano-ing along with me and that made the journey more pleasant.

I also actually participated in the Facebook group that I joined last year for Nanowrimo but never did anything. I’m counting the three or four shares/comments that I put out there with that group as a good thing¬†because that was one of the more challenging things to embrace.

I’m still trudging along, but despite my last week of November being awash with family responsibilities, too many people, feeling sick, and trying to get back the words I lost for my week of being very ill, I’m pleased with how this worked out.

As December begins, I’m continuing my goal of writing every day, not editing and not allowing myself to get lost in the details of my perfectionism. I have a clearer schedule and more focus and I’m thankful for Nano helping me with that.



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