Blogging from A to Z Challenge



I have registered my blog and will be participating in the A-to-Z Blogging Challenge. This is my first year participating and I’m excited not only to have a daily goal to aim for, but also to meet and connect with many other bloggers.

Each daily entry will be linked under this tab so that they stay organized and remain easy to find for other challenge participants.

If you have a blog that is on an open platform (no Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.) and you have enabled comments, please visit the hosting site and get registered. The challenge begins on April 1, 2016.

In order to prepare for this, I already have an alphabetized topic list, but I can’t guarantee that what I have selected will be what I actually post on when the time comes. Sometimes I just go with what flows.

Please come back and visit again soon, especially throughout April, to view what I come up with under the pressure of daily deadlines!



Day 1 — Amavinan

Day 2 — Books

Day 3 — C Is a Useless Letter

Day 4 — Dump File

Day 5 — Erana

Day 6 — Food

Day 7 — Goals

Day 8 — Home Life

Day 9 — Itralos (apologies for  being late on this one)

Day 10 — J.R. Answers Author Questions

Day 11 — Kell

Day 12 — Lazy & Lethargic

Day 13 — Monarchy

Day 14 — Not Writing

Day 15 — Offensive Stuff in Novels

Day 16 — Playlists

Day 17 — Quiet

Day 18 — Romance

Day 19 — Silencing My Inner Editor/Critic

Day 20 — Templates